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10 Ways to Use Your DockATot Baby Nest

Many parents call DockATot their sanity saver and liken the DockATot to having an extra set of hands.

DockATot babies feel like they are being held, creating hands-free moments for parents to balance life admin with the needs of their babies.⠀

The multi-functional design offers a familiar – and therefore calming – place for baby to lounge no matter where the day takes you. From co-sleeping to tummy time, or picnics at the park to discovering new cities, there are endless ways to use it. Here are 10 ways to use the DockATot.

1 - Supervised Nap Time

Many mums have called this product their ‘sleep saviour’ and attributed their survival of early motherhood to the DockATot! With thousands of 5-star reviews, the patented DockATot is specially shaped to reinvent the womb. For your baby, it’s next best thing to being in your arms!




2 - Tummy Time Aid

Tummy time is essential to a baby's development. It helps them develop their neck muscles, gives them a new vantage point and helps prevent flat head syndrome. Needless to say, making sure your little one logs in their tummy time every day is important. The DockATot Deluxe has dense and rounded sides to allow for easy and safe tummy time. By placing baby’s arms and upper body over the side, they’ll appreciate the comfortable elevation.




3 - Co-Sleeping Baby Bed

For families who co-sleep, the DockATot has become a baby gear essential. Says DockATot mum Jill F, "I never expected to be a co-sleeping mama, until I had a son that would only sleep on his side next to me or in someone's arms. My husband and I managed to make it through three months of some restless nights until the DockATot arrived. My son now sleeps on his back and the movements from his arms and legs no longer wake him up. I also feel so much safer having him in his dock so that we can safely co-sleep. We will be buying the next size up!"




4 - Baby Lounger and All Around Mother's Helper

Mama selfcare pairs well with DockATot.⁠ As we know staying home isn't always more relaxing, the DockATot is there to support you.⁠ The DockATot allows mamas to get stuff done around the house while baby is being snuggled by their dock. For WFH parents, this is a life saver! It was created to mimic the womb and it soothes and comforts baby while mama is able to have her hands free.⁠




5 - Play Time

There's no better spot than a DockATot for babies and toddlers to get in their play time. The Grand Dock is roomy enough for two to get cozy in. Little ones can read books, play with dolls or use their docks as a chill out spot when they need some downtime. DockATot also allows families the luxury of living a minimalist lifestyle. With less stuff around, it allows you to spend more quality time with your family and less time cleaning up. 




6 - DockATot for Easy Showering 

You know those days when even taking a shower seems like an olympic feat? Well, thanks to DockATot you can have less of them. The trick to getting mama clean is putting baby down in their dock on the bathroom floor. This way they can see you and you can see them but they're not keeping you from tending to yourself. A hot shower is sometimes all mama needs to recharge.




7 - Mama Life Balance - Working From Home

Enjoy feeling calm and contended by keeping up to date with your work and life admin while your baby snuggles in their DockATot. Your baby will feel safe and settled by your closeness, giving you time and space to balance your mama-world. DockATot is the next best thing to having your baby in your arms!




8 - DockATot for Fuss-free Cooking

Bet you didn't know DockATot could be an amazing sous chef! When you need your hands free to chop, sautee and grill, DockATot steps in and keeps your little one happy and cozy. 




9 - Places You'll Go: Travel bed


Reassure your baby with the constant familiarity of the DockATot wherever your family roams. Whether it's an overnight stay at grandma's or a longer overseas adventure, DockATot is your perfect lightweight on-the-go bed providing your baby the rest they need wherever life takes you.




10 - Big Bed Fun Transitioning

Moving your toddler from her cot to a new big-kid bed can be an exciting milestone... but may spin them in the circles! The Grand DockATot eases the transition with its built-in sides, creating a snug sense of security and helps prevent your toddler rolling out.



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