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5 Ways a Baby Carrier will Save your Summer Travels



Seeing the world through your child’s eyes is one of the delights of travelling with infants. But family holidays might not always be smooth sailing. Whether you’re heading out on a day trip or for a few weeks, you can take off on your holiday with less baggage and happier children by packing a baby carrier. As well as offering mobility for parents and security for little ones, there are times when a baby carrier can save the day!


Here is a list of 5 times a baby carrier is essential to turn your holiday travels from fraught to fun!


  1. In the Airport: The hands-free aspect of a baby carrier is invaluable for parents to handle the documents, juggle the bags, wheel the suitcases and even procure a coffee. It’s easier to face the long queues at check-in, customs and baggage claim with a calm baby nestled close. If your flight is delayed or baby is getting tired, pop them in the baby carrier and walk up and down the concourse. They are more likely to fall asleep than melt-down.


  1. On Public Transport: Trains and buses can be very busy places and could overwhelm a child with so many new sights, sounds and strangers. The baby carrier serves as a cocoon of security while keeping your baby protected from the unhygienic aspects of public transport and saves you fending off the touches of well-meaning citizens


  1. In Crowds: Mingling with the locals is one of the joys of discovering a new place. But you want to be free to enjoy the bustling market place or piazza without worrying about your toddler disappearing into the crowd or your baby getting overstimulated. You’ll know your child is safe and secure at all times in a carrier, and you can use the built-in hood to create a privacy screen.


  1. At Nap Time: You won’t have to interrupt your sightseeing or get caught in the middle of eating a meal when your child starts to get tired. Use a baby carrier to let your baby nap while the rest of the family carry on with your activities.


  1. Off the Beaten Track: Holidays don’t come around often enough to miss the special places you stumble upon. A waterfall without a pram friendly path. A beach with sand too deep for your stroller’s tyres. Steep steps leading to an ancient temple. Mountains, canyons and caves. A carrier will give you the freedom to go to the places you might never return to… with your little one along for the experience!


Ensure this summer holiday is one to remember! Make the most of every moment with an Ergobaby Carrier - your ticket to peaceful family holidays. 



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