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Breastfeeding in the Ergobaby Omni 360


Breastfeeding your baby is achievable with the Omni 360 baby carrier. We have put together some tips and tricks to ensure you're able to breastfeed on the go in your baby carrier.


A few practical tips:

  • Be sure you’re both comfortable & established with breastfeeding before you attempt nursing in a carrier.
  • We recommend wearing a nursing-friendly top.
  • Always re-adjust carrier after nursing, re-tightening the shoulder straps. Baby should be close enough to kiss and should not be left on the breast after feeding.



To start of with, we suggest to start feeding in the carrier while at home so you can get the hang of it while in the comfort of home and without being rushed.

While wearing a nursing friendly top, lift or unzip your shirt to access your breast.

You’ll then want to loosen the clasp and lower baby slightly. If you have smaller breasts you might need to lower more, for those with larger breasts, lift them towards baby’s mouth.

When you need to change sides, tighten the clasp that you first loosened and repeat the process above.

Once baby is finished, make sure you unlatch them before correctly positioning in the carrier again. Remember their head should be at a ‘kissable’ height. 

If you’d prefer more privacy while breastfeeding, we suggest flipping the headrest up and using the sun protection hood to cover yourself more.

Here is a video which explains it in more detail!



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