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Top Tips for Babywearing in Summer

As the weather begins heating up it's important to consider the temperature of you and your little bub while out and about. 

With this in mind we have put together some top tips for new parents to keep cool this summer!

1. Dress for the weather.

Seems simple enough, but dressing you and your baby appropriately for the weather is the first step to staying cool in the warmth. Think of light and airy clothes like linen, cotton & bamboo which are great options during the summer months.

2. Reduce the stickiness.

Photo by Milky Designs 

By keeping a layer of fabric between you baby will help to reduce sweaty stickiness. Consider wearing a high neck shirt or keep a thin piece of muslin or cotton between you and baby!

(TIP: Carry a few muslin cloths in your baby bag on those very hot and humid days to easily swap them out).

3. Time your Outings.

By scheduling your outings for the cooler parts in the day, you will have a head start in keeping cool. Try to schedule your activities during the early morning or later in the afternoon, avoiding those striking mid-day rays.

4. Sun Protection.

Photo by @karalynholden

This is where the invention of hats comes into play! Wide brimmed hats are an easy way to keep both of you cool and protected from the elements while outside. Our Ergobaby Omni 360 Carriers feature an in-built hood to protect your sleeping baby from the sun and wind!

5. Create your own Water Spritzer.

Photo by @kahanak

On hot days we all know how important it is to drink plenty of water, for both you and your little one. Water can also help you cool off in other (fun) ways. If we know it's going to be a stinking hot day, we like to bring a little spray bottle of water to spritz over each other.

Bonus: It can be wonderful fun for a toddler to be in charge of the spritzing, Make keeping cool a game and keep them entertained for hours. 

6. Local Paddling Pool.

Photo by Phil Goodwin

A staple for us on hot days was visiting the local paddling pool or if you're wanting to stay at home then a bucket, cheap blow up pool or sprinkler will provide wonderful fun. Keep baby close while your toddlers run and play in the water and consider bringing your DockATot and Cabana Kit to make them a little oasis. 

7. Wear your lightest, thinnest baby carrier.

Our Cool Air Mesh Carriers feature cool mesh lining that have wicking properties to keep you and baby dry, and it has perforations for airflow! Perfect for those hot summer days. 

8. Choose your carry position with the weather in mind.

If your baby is older, perhaps try back carries and hip carries as they tend to feel cooler in the hot weather. For an infant, it is still recommend to wear as a front carry so you can monitor your baby. 

We hope you enjoy these tips for babywearing in summer and enjoy some beautiful days outside with your little loves.

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