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Flash Dryer 20x24 Inch Silk Screen Flash Dryer, Automatic Double Fan Flash Dryer 220V 6000W IR Flash Dryer for screen printing with Sensor

Flash Dryer 20x24 Inch Silk Screen Flash Dryer, Automatic Double Fan Flash Dryer 220V 6000W IR Flash Dryer for screen printing with Sensor

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Brand Introduction
OLENYER is a leading brand of professional production equipment and tools. We focus on the quality experience of industrial products and are committed to providing our customers with durable equipment and tools at extremely low prices. Today, OLENYERs products have spread all over the world, making peoples lives more convenient.

Product Description

20x24 Inch Silk Screen Flash Dryer
The flash dryer Due to the use of steel structure and advanced classic spraying, the performance of our flash dryer is better than other products on the market.

Their performance is more reliable and stable provides you with greater curing capacity and possibly faster flash time between colors. It can easily cure screen printing inks and can be used to quickly dry your prints and handle the final curing of your garments. The base of the flash dryer is compact and will not tip over even if it is hit. Stop using a heat gun or oven to cure shirts, use this flash dryer and start drying your products in the right way.

1.The effective heating area of the dryer is 20 x 24 (50 x 60 cm), which is very practical for large areas that need to be dried. The heating tube is wrapped with stainless steel wire mesh, which has high thermal efficiency and energy saving.

2.The flash dryer 20 x 24 is equipped with accurate temperature controller and sensor. There are one-to-one switches on the control panel, such as the separate switches of lamps and fans, which can effectively control the drying range and time.

3.The fan can release heat, improve the drying speed and facilitate the next color printing. The design of double fans greatly reduces the consumption of lamps. 6000W high-power heating tube accelerates the pace of ink drying.

4.On the lower support rod, there are two height adjustment knobs. The height can be adjusted up and down as needed. The adjustment range is 80-120 cm.

1 x Silk Screen Flash Dryer 20 x 24 Inch
1 X Base
4 X Wheels
Mounting Tool and Accessories
1 X Guide CD
1 X English Manual
1.This machine have no plug. you need to wire with yourself.
2.The dryer can work with only six tubes, and the extra tubes are designed to prevent damage during transportation. We cant reissue, if there are six tubes can be used.Thank you for your understanding.

Manufacturer Part Number:165958-olenyer
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