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Tomodachi Life - Nintendo 3DS

Tomodachi Life - Nintendo 3DS

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Expect the Unexpected in Tomodachi Life

What happens when friends, family, and celebrities become Mii characters and live together on an island? Tomodachi Life happens Start by creating Mii characters and customizing everything about them. Have fun recreating your best friend, your favorite actor, mom and dad, co-workers...whoever Then watch as they rap, rock, eat donuts, fall in love, break up, go shopping, play games, and live their crazy Mii lives.

Video Game Platform:Nintendo 3DS
Video Game Collection:Tomodachi
Manufacturer:Nintendo Co., Ltd
Video Game Genre:Simulation
Video Game Format:Physical
Rating Reason:Comic Mischief, Mild Fantasy Violence
Required Peripherals:Touch Screen
Minimum Number of Offline Players:1
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):7.50 x 5.50 x 0.50 Inches
Release Date:06/06/2014
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